Tuesday, 30 January 2018 / Published in Archives

Shooting has wrapped and post-production has commenced on Excelsia College’s School of Drama’s fifth short film, Someone To Turn To. Written and directed by Michael Bates (The Projectionist 2002, awarded the Grand Prix at the 2003 Tampere Film Festival) and shot by cinematographer Tara O’Connell (September 2016), the film explores how past actions shape present circumstances with unforeseen consequences.

For final year Bachelor of Dramatic Arts (Performance) students Jackie, Bethany, Anthea and Nicole, it was opportunity to extend their film acting skills and experience as well as form the basis of industry-standard showreels.

Student Sound Recordist for the shoot, Luke Shepherd, who is completing a Theatre Practice Major reports, “It was certainly an experience – I learnt a great deal about the process of filmmaking and the difficulties faced throughout.”

Both key crew roles and support roles were undertaken by Theatre Practice & Production majors. Goals for the project included exposing students to the rigors of film making while mentoring cast and crew through ‘real-world’ experiences.

Theatre Practice Major and student Continuity Rebecca Lang says, “I’m really appreciative for the opportunity to work in the short film. It was good to see how the team works together to get a film done. We had limited resources and people, but it was great to see how a professional quality film can be created with such a small crew.

Encounter will be available to the general public in early 2018.

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