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Andy Chin – Counselling and ministry really do go hand in hand

With a bachelor’s degree in science majoring in psychology already under his belt, Andy Chin found counselling to be the perfect fit for integrating Christian ministry. ‘Being a member of Wesley International Congregation, I knew of the then Wesley Institute (now Excelsia College) and its solid reputation, and I knew others who had studied there, so it made my decision easy. After I spent a season of seeking God in prayer, it was the right next step,’ explains Andy. In 1999, he took the plunge and enrolled in a Graduate Diploma of Counselling.


For many students it’s the little memories which stand out when they reflect on their time at a tertiary institution, and for Andy it’s no different. ‘I remember the little canteen run by a lovely Korean couple. I enjoyed the chapel services. We had an awesome cohort in the counselling class which was stimulating. Our lecturers were relatable and predominantly engaging and insightful. It was also fun to engage occasionally with students and lecturers from other departments. I would describe the College as inspiring, creative and authentic.’


Andy also found that Excelsia provided him with solid foundations for incorporating Christian counselling in ministry. ‘I loved being able to understand how to interweave my university psychology studies with a grounded faith in Christ. The foundational theology component was helpful, insightful and encouraging.’ For Andy, his defining moment came in his Integrative Studies classes which sought to make sense of psychology and Christian faith. After graduating from Excelsia in 2001 and with solid foundations laid, Andy practised counselling within a pastoral context. It was a year after graduating that Andy’s call to ministry became loud and clear and he went on to pursue further theological studies.


Today, Andy works as the Senior Pastor of Wesley International Congregation, Wesley Mission. The organisation holds a special place in Andy’s walk as he came to faith in this congregation and continued his journey, joining the staff team in 2001 as an intern and then as a pastor in 2004. Excelsia is pleased to continue this connection with Wesley International Congregation and since May 2022 the church has been using the College’s auditorium for worship services. Andy is also involved with various interdenominational ministries with a hope and desire to see collaborative gospel work locally and globally.


When Andy found out that Excelsia is celebrating its 40th anniversary, he was very excited to see that the College has continued to grow from strength to strength. ‘I pray the Spirit of God may continue to pour out significant favour on this college and that it will continue to be a source of life and learning for generations to come for the gospel of Jesus! I look back fondly at these times and rejoice with you all!’


If you are interested in going into pastoral care or ministry and want to gain the helpful foundations about how to relate to others, why not consider Excelsia College’s counselling courses? The Graduate Diploma of Counselling helps to provide a foretaste and if you decide this is something you want to pursue in a professional capacity, you can continue by studying the Master of Counselling.

Excelsia College | Andy Chin – Counselling and ministry really do go hand in hand