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Staff Campaigns

At Excelsia, we understand that many factors can influence and impact one’s wellbeing.


We also seek to look at what we can do now to protect and support our wellbeing and plan for current and future challenges.


This will look different from person to person, as a College we have been encouraged to consider developing a personal Wellness Action Plan.

Wellness - Plan to Be Well

Each year, our community rallies around the Annual 10,000 Steps Challenge.


  • From joining in teams to simulate and African Adventure (2019),
  • to joining as Departments to tally the most steps to claim the win (2020 & 2021),
  • to joining as one team to tally enough steps to walk from Excelsia, Sydney to the NSW Northern Rivers to raise money for those affected by the floods (2022)!
Steps Challenge 2022 | Staff Campaign
10,000 Steps | Staff Campaigns

We prioritise our physical wellbeing by challenging each other to regular physical activity each year.


Table Tennis Tournament

Ping Pong Tournament | Staff Campaign
Ping Pong Tournament | Staff Campaign

At Excelsia, we know that good Nutrition is a major contributor to good health, to unlock energy, and to help healthy sleep.


We also love to encourage each other and share our healthy signature dishes while we engage in fellowship over shared meals together!

Staff Lunch | Staff Campaign
Staff Lunch | Staff Campaign

Pizza & Picasso

We take time to collaborate and engage in relationships outside of the office and the classroom. Our recent Pizza & Picasso Day was a fun initiative to employ tenets of mindfulness as well as to relax and unleash more of our creativity at work!

Pizza Picasso | Staff Campaign
Pizza Picasso | Staff Campaign
Pizza Picasso | Staff Campaign


Red25 is a unique giving program by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. They unite workplaces, community groups, schools and universities around Australia to save lives through blood donation.


Together, Red25 members work towards ensuring that 25% of Australia’s blood donations are secured. We can help them achieve this goal.

If you would like to give blood in the future we will be organising time slots every three months. Visit // for more information.

Congratulations to the Luo Tribe who won the 10,000 Steps Challenge. The winning team consisted of George Odhiambo, Beatrice Lorquet, Shiela Rendon and Rebecca Lang.

Five Teams competed in this challenge and as a staff we walked a total of 10,678,697 Steps in the space of 6 weeks. Well done to all the teams who competed.