of Country

Acknowledgement of Country

Excelsia College would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country, the Wallumattagal (or Wallumedegal) people of the Eora Nation, on which our campus is situated. This clan were, for countless generations, fisher-hunter-gatherers in a rich environment of river flats, mangrove swamps and creeks. Their name derives from the word ‘Wallumai’, meaning the Black Snapper fish, which was once presumably plentiful in the Lane Cover River.

Excelsia College recognises the Wallumattagal people’s continuing connection to waters, land and culture and pays respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. We wish to genuinely acknowledge the gift of wisdom that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders generously share with us.

Excelsia College is committed to being a community where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is acknowledged and respected producing “research characterised by exemplary scholarship” and preparing “graduates to lead in a range of professions”.