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Associate Professor Susan Evans

PhD, BA(Hons), BSW, GradCert Addiction
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Susan Evans has over 25 years practice and academic experience in social work. She has worked in health and community organisations as a social worker, counsellor, educator, and researcher. Her publications are informed by practice-based learning to engage critically with neoliberal trends in preventive health, programs evaluation, and the organisation of social care. She has long standing interest in professional values development and the usefulness of practical reason to withstand value conflicts within social work settings. Her curriculum leadership aims to develop students’ practical virtues focused on justice, compassion, capabilities and wellbeing.

Susan has taught social work since 2005 and was previously Lecturer at Western Sydney University and Senior Lecturer at Australian Catholic University. In 2023 she joined Excelsia College as Head of School, Social Work.

Profile of Dr Susan Evans


Dr Susan’s degrees are in social work, sociology, and applied ethics. She completed her BSW from the University of Sydney in 1997. She was conferred her PhD from the Western Sydney University in 2008.

Research interests

Susan has skills and expertise in qualitative and mixed methods research design, realist approaches to health and welfare programs evaluation, and collaborative inquiry. Over a period of 20 years, she has contributed to many research projects which gained industry and government grant funding in role lead or co-investigator. Her recent publications address stigma and care planning for children and families living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

Selected Works

Evans, S., Lucas, B.R., Papadopoulos, C. What do child and family health clinicians understand, do, and want to learn about FASD? Lessons from a mixed methods study. Journal Intellectual & Developmental Disability (forthcoming)

Evans S. (2023) Women with alcohol dependence and FASD prevention. Drug and Alcohol Review. 42(1):33-35.

Evans, S., Papadopoulos, C., Lucas, BR., Monds, LA & Montebello M. (2022) Improving Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) identification and response in NSLHD Child, Youth & Family Services: Research Report. St Leonards: Northern Sydney LHD.


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