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Lecturer & Course Coordinator, Master of Education Research

Professor Patrick Danaher

PhD in Education, MLitt in Australian History, GradDipTertiary Ed, BA(Hons) in Anthropology, BA in Anthropology, BEd

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02 9000 9709



Biographical details

Patrick has worked continuously as an education academic since early 1991, first at Central Queensland University in Rockhampton, and then at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, prior to which he taught for nine years in secondary schools in Queensland and Victoria. He has been privileged to co-supervise several doctoral and research masters Australian and international students to completion. Patrick’s research interests include the education of occupationally mobile communities such as circus and fairground or show families; education research ethics, methods, politics and theories; and academics’, educators’ and researchers’ work and identities.

Profile of Professor Patrick Danaher


Patrick completed his PhD at Central Queensland University in 2001, with a thesis entitled Learning on the Run: Traveller Education for Itinerant Show Children in Coastal and Western Queensland. His BA(Hons) thesis, entitled Structural-Functionalism Revisited: A. R. Radcliffe-Brown’s Influence on Selected Social Anthropological Monographs in the 1940s and the 1950s, was completed at Deakin University in 1992. He completed his MLitt at the University of New England in 1991, with a thesis entitled The Coming of the Light: The Response of the Darnley Islanders to the London Missionary Society.

Research interests

Research interests based on the 2020 Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification
390203 Sociology of education
390303 Higher education
390307 Teacher education and professional development of educators
390401 Comparative and cross-cultural education
390412 Teacher and student wellbeing

Research interests based on the 2008 Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification
130103 Higher Education
130307 Ethnic Education
130313 Teacher Education and Professional Development of Teachers
160809 Sociology of Education

Research interests based on the Dewey decimal classification system
370.72 Educational research
371.35 Distance education
371.82 Specific kinds of students; schools for specific kinds of students
378.12 Faculty and teaching
379.26 Educational equalization (equal educational opportunity)

Substantive research interests
Academics’, educators’ and researchers’ work and identities
Distance, online and open education
Doctoral students and supervisors
The education of mobile learners and communities
Education research ethics, methods, politics and theories
Rural education
Sociocultural foundations and contexts of education

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Google Scholar page
http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=899xdw0AAAAJ & hl=en

Current projects

Patrick is currently co-authoring a proposed research book about Australian teachers’ work and identities, and also currently co-editing a proposed handbook about autoethnography and self-study in education research, and a proposed special theme issue of an environmental education research journal. As well, he is keen to explore the methodological possibilities of dialogical autoethnography.

Authored and edited research books

Authored research books
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Edited research books

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