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Professor Kirsty Beilharz | Integrative Studies Program Director | Excelsia College

Integrative Studies Program Director & Deputy Director of Research

Professor Kirsty Beilharz

BMus(Hons) Performance and Composition, LTCL, PhD, post-doctoral studies in music
PhD Theology and Philosophy
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02 9000 9604



Biographical details

Dr. Kirsty Beilharz is a composer, researcher, educator and author. She is the Integrative Studies Program Director at Excelsia College. Kirsty has previously conducted research at the University of Notre Dame (Australia) in bioethics, healthcare ethics and spirituality, in collaboration with St. Vincent’s Health Network. Kirsty was a conjoint academic of UNSW Faculty of Medicine, of Sydney University’s Kolling Institute, and at HammondCare investigated the impact of music in dementia and palliative care. Kirsty was a Senior Creative Fellow at Anglican Deaconess Ministries, Visiting Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Professor of Music and Interaction Design at UTS, and Digital Media Program Director at Sydney University.


Kirsty’s music has been performed worldwide, and by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, Australian chamber Orchestra, and her installations have been exhibited at the Media Architecture Biennale in Vienna, Bondi Sculpture by the Sea, Paris Cité International des Arts, Sydney Powerhouse Museum, and in Taiwan, Japan, Paris and the UK.

Profile of Professor Kirsty Beilharz


Kirsty completed a Bachelor of Music Honours degree in performance and composition at Sydney University, LTCL, PhD, post-doctoral studies in music at the University of York — UK, and computer music at IRCAM — Paris. She has subsequently undertaken studies at Moore Theological College, and a PhD in theology and philosophy at Sydney College of Divinity

Awards and Honours

Kirsty has won prizes at Gaudeamus World Music Days Amsterdam, Paris Rostrum, Hannover Biennale, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne Forum Montreal Québec, Young Australian of the Year Arts Category, a Churchill Fellowship, the Sir Charles Mackerras Prize of the British Council; and Sydney University Vice-Chancellor’s Special Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Kirsty was selected for IRCAM Electronic Music Course, Matsumae International Science Research Fellowship (A.I. Lab Tokyo), Asialink Arts Residency, and won prizes in the World Bass Clarinet composition competition, and Angoulême Colloque International du Basson composition prize; and her music won Symphony Australia the Award for Best Performance of Australian Contemporary Music in the APRA & AMC Australian Classical Music Awards.

Research interests

Kirsty is investigating theological and pastoral aspects of formation amongst culturally diverse students in the Christian higher education context, and practical theology in healthcare, ethics, ageing, palliative care, and thanatology. Kirsty has a special interest in Trinitarian theology, sacramental hermeneutics, phenomenology, epistemology, a focus on Karl Barth, John Calvin, Jean-Luc Marion, Olivier Messiaen, and theological readings of music. Kirsty is concerned with the intersection of philosophy and theology in the arts; and the impact of Christian theological and humanitarian ethical engagement in social dilemmas and dystopias which are catalysed by the increasingly secular, exploitative, and marginalizing agendas of consumerist, capitalist power. Kirsty’s past research, spanning music, sonification, human computer interaction and artificial intelligence, has attracted over AUD $2M in grants of the Commonwealth Government Australian Research Council (ARC), Collaborative Research Centre (CRC), Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services, The Thomas Foundation, and HammondCare Foundation.


Member of the Australian Music Centre

Member of International Society for Arts, Science and Technology

Associate of the Mental Health Professionals’ Network

Member of The Matsumae International Foundation

Member of the Australasian Performing Rights Association

Member of the Australian Shakuhachi Society

Deaconess and Member of the Anglican Deaconess Ministries

Keynote Speaker: Music engagement in dementia care and palliative care. ACOM, SCD and CSU Ageing Conference: Embracing life and gathering wisdom: Theological, pastoral and clinical insights into human flourishing at the end of life. 27 – 28 September, Sydney Australia (2018).

Plenary Speaker: Grand Designs International Dementia Conference, Hilton June 2016

Selected publications

Kirsty has composed more than 40 published music works, held by the representative peak body, the Australian Music Centre.


(2017) Music Remembers Me: Connection and Wellbeing in Dementia. HammondCare Media, ISBN 978-0- 9945461-1-1.

Beilharz, K., Johnston, A., Ferguson, S., and Chen, A.Y-C. (2010) Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Sydney, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. ISBN: 978-0-646- 53482-4 (printed proceedings, CD-ROM proceedings & available online) 504 pages.

Book Chapters

(2020) Beilharz, K. Ageing well: music and meaning in dementia and de-medicalising palliative care. In Embracing life and gathering wisdom: Theological, pastoral and clinical insights into human flourishing at the end of life. SCD Press, in press.

(2020) Beilharz, K. Human Flourishing until death: Living well until the very end. In Smith, D. (Ed.) Human Flourishing, Wipf & Stock, in press.

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Conference Papers

(2012) Beilharz, K. & Martin, A. ‘The “Interface” in Site-Specific Sound Installation’ in Proceedings of the New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference, Ann Arbor MI, USA, 20-23 May 2012.

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Magazines/Newspaper Articles/Media

(2017) Australian Ageing Agenda June.

(2017) ABC Radio National’s program, God Forbid on music, spirituality, palliative care and end of life.

(2017) ABC Radio Sydney, Tasmania, Adelaide and Canberra, on Music Remembers Me and dementia.

(2017) Interview with the Centre for Public Christianity.

(2017) Interview with Eternity Magazine.

(2016) Australian Ageing Agenda February.