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Nicky Golan

Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work with Merit, Master of Public Health
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02 9000 9604



Biographical details

Nicky has over 25 years’ experience in clinical practice, research, academia, and public and private health management. She has extensive experience consulting to human service agencies, not for profit organisations and small businesses. 

Nicky has had a diverse career including specialising in clinical work in the acute care, primary care, community, and private sectors. She has worked in executive management and senior quality improvement roles across a range of settings. She has diverse experience teaching across multiple Universities and Higher Education facilities and Colleges in both undergraduate and postgraduate in Social Work and other human services courses and degrees. 

She is a specialist in Social Work workplace learning and is particularly skilled in imparting Social Work theory and concepts in a way that students can connect with meaningfully and personally. 

Profile of Nicky Golan


 Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Work, A Master of Social Work with Merit and a Master of Public Health. 

Awards and Honours

Nicky has received the ACHS Quality Award for developing a Public Hospital and Community Services Staff Peer Support Model. 

She has received a Better Practice Award by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency for The Advanced Care Planning Project for a group of residential aged care facilities. 

Nicky has been invited to be a panel member on a number of the NSW / Vic Field Education Series, CUFEG NSW. 

She has been invited to be on several course advisory groups at various Universities. 

She has presented research and conceptual papers at various professional conferences throughout her career. 

Research Interests

Nicky has several research and interest areas; she is particularly interested in supporting International Students to transition successfully to the Western Social Work post graduate context and required expectations. Through the field education program, she supports International Social Work students to work closely with agencies and complete a thorough and complex research project culminating in a detailed business case / service proposal. In this capacity, students learn and develop the full scope of qualitative research and project management and in doing so, also contribute meaningfully to agencies. 

The research projects are focused within Nicky’s areas of interest and commitments; supporting and empowering women, naming, voicing and addressing social injustices and using methodologies, theories and approaches that are empowering, deconstructing of the dominant discourse and supportive of the marginalised and disenfranchised. 


Nicky is a member of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, the Higher Education Management Group, LeadX, a Leadership and Development Program and the Emotional Intelligence & Diversity Institute. 

She is a member of the Small Business & Independent Consultant Network and of the Innovation Management Group. 

She is also a member of the Cross-Cultural Coaching & Counselling Group and the Learning, Education, and Training Professionals Group. 

She is a member of the Grief and Loss Professional Network, The Narrative Practice and Discussion Group, The Trauma Informed Educators Network and the Trauma Informed Professionals Collaboration Network.