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Mona Luxton

Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying), Master of Counselling, Diploma of Community Services, Advanced Diploma Counselling and Family Therapy
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02 9000 9604



Biographical details

Mona Luxton commenced teaching at Excelsia College school of counselling in 2019. Mona has been working as a professional counsellor and psychotherapist since 2002 and has attained a vast range of experience in various types of therapies and modalities for counselling issues. Mona has had a particular interest in working with victims of Domestic and Family Violence. She founded the Bay City Care Community Support and Counselling Centre in 2010 where she continues to work as the service manager. 

Mona has a Master of Social Work (professional qualifying) at Southern Cross University. In 2022 Mona joined the Social Work team at Excelsia as a Social Work lecturer. 

Profile of Mona Luxton


Mona completed a Master of Social Work (professional qualifying) at Southern Cross University a Master of Counselling at Wesley Institute in 2012, a Diploma of Community Services also in 2012 and an Advanced Diploma Counselling and Family Therapy Australian Institute of Family Counselling. 

Awards and Honours

 Mona has received the Bayside Citizen of the Year – 2018 award for her contribution to Domestic Violence Prevention; The Local Women of the Year – 2014 for her contribution to Domestic Violence Prevention and the Local Volunteer of the Year – 2013 for contribution to Domestic Violence Prevention. 

Research Interests

Mona’s research interests include the complexities of working with Domestic Violence and the current issue of gender inequality as a long-standing root cause of domestic violence. 


 Mona is a graduate member of the AASW, a Clinical member and registered supervisor of the CCAA and a level 4 member of the College of supervisors with the ACA.