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Michael Parzakonis

Master of Teaching (Secondary), Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History & Management) – University of Sydney
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Michael is a passionate advocate for the power of education as a tool for change and progression as a society, not only in relation to knowledge and technology, but our collective ideas and cultural values. One of his favourite quotes being, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”  Socrates, Ancient Greek Philosopher (5th Century BC).

As an Associate Lecturer, Michael aims to play a significant role in helping upcoming educators develop their skills and passions to become accomplished educators who can kindle the flames of our future generations.

Profile of Michael Parazakonis


Michael completed a Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History and Management) at the University of Sydney in 2016. He studied a variety of topic areas, including Archaeology, History, Anthropology, Classics, Linguistics, Business Management and Accounting. Additionally, at the University of Sydney, he completed a Master of Teaching (Secondary), specialising in Ancient History, Business Studies and Commerce.

Recent projects

Helped launch an Action Research Project relating to the development of literacy skills for students in Southwest Sydney. This was an initiative he was part of as a committee member of the HPG team within an NSW Department of Education school setting.

Research Interests

• Collective Memory and the Teaching of History

• Literacy Education

• Cognitive Load Theory

• Differentiation for High Potential and Gifted Students


Member of the History Teachers Association of NSW since 2017.

Member of the NSW Teachers Federation since 2018.

NESA Accredited Proficient Teacher.