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Social Science Lecturer

Gino Orticio

BSocSc, MSocDev, PhD (Sociology)

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02 9000 9705



Biographical details

Gino’s academic and research journey spans over 17 years with a profound impact on various sectors. His expertise ranges from: sociotechnical studies, international indigenous studies and multiculturalism, coupled with a keen focus on empowering disadvantaged communities. His career also includes roles as a community development worker and consultant, acting as a resource person for culturally diverse community leaders in Queensland. Through these efforts, Gino was recognised by the Queensland Government as a Digital Community Champion in 2018.

Profile of Gino Orticio


Bachelor of Social Science, major in Sociology and Psychology
Masters in Social Development Studies
Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology)

Research interests

Gino’s postgraduate research work represents an intersection of theory and practice, particularly in the realm of understanding indigenous digital lives through of Actor-Network Theory (ANT). His application of ANT, rooted in Bruno Latour’s associationism, provides a unique lens to comprehend the intricate sociotechnical relationships within indigenous communities. By navigating their multiple realities, ontological politics, and non-human perspectivism, he unveils layers of societal dynamics often overlooked by conventional social inquiry.

Moreover, his dedication to policy research underscores his commitment to addressing pressing issues faced by indigenous and multicultural communities worldwide. From tackling food security to examining the socio-economic impacts of globalisation and development, his collaborative works informed inclusive policy frameworks that prioritise the needs of marginalised populations.

His recent focus on the dynamics of migrant communities in Australia highlights his adaptability and responsiveness to evolving societal landscapes. As Lecturer and Course Coordinator in Social Science, Gino continues to contribute valuable insights within academia and the community sector.


The Australian Sociological Association