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Associate Professor Andrew Levula has been an ICT professional, research and academic. He is the IT Program Director at Excelsia College and was instrumental in the development and accreditation of the Bachelor of Information Technology at Excelsia College. He brings over 15 years’ experience in IT Project Management, Academic Leadership and IT Curriculum and Course Development. Associate Professor Levula is committed to enhancing students learning experience and his teaching philosophy is that education should be an enjoyable and exciting journey. He is an advocate for education as a catalyst for change in people which is Goal 4: Quality Education of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Associate Professor Levula’s industry experience includes having worked in the Telecommunication and IT managed services industry in the private sector as well as having worked as the manager project for the Ministry of Finance as a civil servant. He was directly responsible for managing the government department that delivered the whole of government’s IT application systems solution which included critical and non-critical government applications including its e-Government initiatives.


He has worked as an academic at The University of Sydney, Victoria University, Swinburne University, Federation University and Torrens University. He has also taught in many private higher education providers such as the Australian Institute of Higher Education, Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce and Crown Institute. Associate Professor Levula has a wide range of publication including journal papers, book chapters, conference papers, and industry case studies/ reports.

Profile of Associate Professor Andrew Levula


Associate Professor Levula was awarded a PhD from the University of Sydney from the Faculty of Engineering and IT in 2016. He completed a master’s of ICT in IT Strategic Planning with distinction from the University of Wollongong in 2010. He also completed a postgraduate diploma in Computing and Information Systems from the University of the South Pacific in 2010 and a postgraduate certificate in Tertiary Education in 2021 from Victoria University. He also holds a degree in Information Systems and Economics from the University of the South Pacific which he completed in 2008 and a Diploma in Business in Applied Computing in 2002.

Awards and Honours

Associate Professor Levula was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award at Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce having been voted by his peers for his excellence as an academic in 2021. He was awarded the Project Management Institute, National Student Conference Paper in 2013 and his team was also awarded the Team of the Year Award in 2011 at ITC Services a department under the Ministry of Finance.

Research Interests

Associate Professor Levula has published academic papers on Quality of Life and Mental Health. He currently is engaged in the development of a Disaster Resilience Scorecard for Small Island Nations with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. He is also undertaking research with a group of international collaborators on artificial intelligence and its use across different disciplines. His other projects include the development of a sustainable agile knowledge management framework as well as research on network infrastructure and cyber security.

Selected publications

Shah, Z.; Levula, A.; Khurshid, K.; Ahmed, J.; Ullah, I.; Singh, S. (2021) Routing Protocols for Mobile Internet of Things (IoT): A Survey on Challenges and Solutions. Electronics, 10(19), 2320-2349.


Levula, A., Harré, M., & Wilson, A. (2018). The association between social network factors with depression and anxiety at different life stages. Community mental health journal54(6), 842-854.


Levula, A., Harré, M., & Wilson, A. (2017). Social network factors as mediators of mental health and psychological distress. International Journal of Social Psychiatry63(3), 235-243.


Levula, A., Wilson, A., & Harré, M. (2016). The association between social network factors and mental health at different life stages. Quality of Life Research25, 1725-1733.