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Dr Alfred Mupenzi

PhD Education, Master of Public Administration & Management (MAPAM), Bachelor of Arts – Education (BA-Education)

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02 9000 9604



Biographical details

Dr Alfred Mupenzi is an experienced lecturer with over seven years experience lecturing Sociology within the Master of Teaching (Primary) program at Western Sydney University. Alfred also has one year of experience teaching different early childhood education units at Excelsia College. Alfred’s teaching in early childhood education spans from multiculturalism and multilingualism, child, family and partnerships, growth and development, through to special needs education.


Dr Mupenzi has also carried out research projects in other contexts outside Australia within education. For the past five years, Dr Mupenzi has worked with students who come from a refugee background. In Australia, some of these students were resettled, others arrived seeking asylum and have faced a very uncertain journey. Dr Mupenzi has been a refugee and asylum seekers project officer at Western Sydney University working in the engagement team doing outreach to high schools, community settlement organisations and university students to advance access and completion of tertiary education. Alfred is on the Board of Directors at The Bread and Butter (TB&B) Project, a social enterprise which supports newly arrived refugees to build a career in baking and easily transition into the employment sector in Australia.  

Profile of Dr Alfred Mupenzi


Dr Mupenzi completed his PhD from Western Sydney University. He completed his Master’s (MAPAM) and Bachelor’s (BA Education) degrees from Makerere University in Uganda. He also holds an advanced diploma in social and philosophical studies from Katigondo National Major Seminary in Uganda.

Research interests

Dr Mupenzi has experience in qualitative and mixed research methods and specialises in equity, diversity, migration, and social justice education. He has published several peer reviewed articles on educational resilience. Alfred is also a research assistant engaged in different research projects at Western Sydney University.

Current projects

Conflicting demands of settlement and tertiary education in Australia for refugee background students? A critical metaphor analysis

Refereed Journal and Conferences publications

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Mupenzi, A., Mude, W., & Baker, S. (2020). Reflections on COVID-19 and impacts on equitable participation: the case of culturally and linguistically diverse migrant and/or refugee (CALDM/R) students in Australian higher education. Higher Education Research and Development39(7), 1337–1341. https://doi.org/10.1080/07294360.2020.1824991



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