Meet Dr Dion Khlentzos, who brings over 15 years’ experience in lecturing, research and management in tertiary institutions. As the Head of School of Counselling at Excelsia College, Dr Khlentzos works towards equipping the next generation of counsellors to manage a variety of emerging needs and mental health issues following the aftermath of COVID-19 and lockdown.


Dr Khlentzos has firsthand experience in the counselling field, having worked with Salvation Army’s crisis telephone counselling service, as Program Director with the Jansen Newman Institute, and as a psychologist and counsellor. As a highly empathetic and hard-working individual, Dr Khlentzos is able to bring a variety of contemporary insights into his teaching and in fostering relationships with his students.


With a thirst for knowledge, Dr Khlentzos has a bachelor honours degree majoring in psychology, and graduate diplomas in education and counselling. As a testament to his hard work and pursuit of knowledge, Dr Khlentzos attained a Doctorate in Psychology and Mental Health from Western Sydney University.


Dr Khlentzos’ PhD research was in the area of developing emotion-focused parenting programs for fathers recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. His current research areas are in gender and domestic violence, as well as how a person’s Christian faith might be related to their attachment relationships.


With a heart for people and for reflecting God’s love to all members of society, Dr Khlentzos also has broad research interests in the areas of mental health in families and communities. Dr Khlentzos is passionate about equipping the next generation of counsellors for a variety of fields such as addiction, anger management, family therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. With his widespread knowledge across psychology, education, counselling and mental health, as well as his practical experience in the field, Dr Khlentzos is able to bring a unique perspective to his teaching.


Outside of work, Dr Khlentzos enjoys playing tennis, singing in choirs and playing board games with his family.


Dr Khlentzos is a registered psychologist with AHPRA and is a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi) and Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA).