With a master’s degree in business studies, Sushma Shrestha was working in the banking industry when she started thinking about doing further studies to enhance her knowledge and skills in leadership and business. While doing intensive research she discovered Excelsia College’s postgraduate degree. ‘The Master of Business (Research) was the perfect choice for a working professional like me due to the career advancement it offered.’


Sushma vividly remembers the day she arrived in Sydney in July 2018. ‘As an international student, I was both terrified and excited as everything was new to me and Excelsia College was the only place where I felt so connected with meeting students from my home country.’ She was able to firmly embed herself within the College community as not only a student but also as a staff member. ‘I considered myself very fortunate as I became a front desk receptionist in 2018 when I started my course. Being interviewed for this position and being selected was one of my key highlights at the College.’ Sushma also found comfort in the role as she adjusted to being so far from home. ‘The front receptionist role provided me with great confidence to go through life far from Nepal.’


Sushma was also able to get to know staff, senior management and lecturers and see the College’s values and beliefs reflected through the people she came across. ‘All the people were very amiable and supportive and they reflected Christ-like behaviour. I was able to align with Excelsia’s values and beliefs centred around a Christian learning environment. Likewise, as a student I was connected with different Bible verses throughout the course.’


During her studies, Sushma and her peers were provided with a choice of several different leadership areas for their final year Master of Business (Research) thesis. ‘I chose servant leadership around the premise of a leader who serves first. This topic reflects my beliefs in treating people with love, compassion and respect and implementing the values throughout my life to influence others and make a difference,’ she explains. Sushma presented her thesis at the College’s HDR symposium in November 2020, helping her to refine her research project even further. ‘Excelsia College provided me with immense love, support and guidance throughout my studies, as well as beyond the College in building my confidence to face life abroad. This makes me feel capable to utilise my principles of love, compassion, and respect towards every human being wherever I go.’


Sushma enjoyed celebrating her graduation held at the Wesley Centre earlier this year! She is now a mother and working in the retail sector with the aspiration to be in a leadership position in the near future.


If you are considering postgraduate studies or want to learn how to lead others with integrity within your organisation, why not explore our Master of Business (Research)? You never know where the course could take you!