Not many aspiring actors can say they’ve played a centipede, old man, pastor, biblical character, and Shakespearean role, but Tim Lim can! Tim’s effervescent personality embodies every role he plays, both onstage and offstage. The Bachelor of Dramatic Art graduate most recently played one of the lead roles as Elihu, the comforter of Job and his three friends in Excelsia Productions’ movie 18. The Book of Job. It was filmed onsite at Excelsia College and saw the auditorium transformed into a desert setting, full of sand! For Tim, learning lines is part and parcel of being an actor but having to memorise five chapters of the biblical book of Job was no mean feat! Tim also graced us with his acting skills in last year’s inaugural CAPAxFest, which highlighted our creative and performing arts students’ works, and in Excelsia’s productions James and the Giant Peach, A Twelfth night and The Chairs. He also wrote a play, Rapture (2021), as part of his third-year major project, about a pastor who lost his family and cried out against God.

Since finishing the Bachelor of Dramatic Art last year, Tim now works as a student services assistant and receptionist at Excelsia College. ‘At Excelsia my days involve me greeting everyone that comes in and being the first point of contact for anyone who needs help with directions or information.’ In dealing with people’s inquiries on a daily basis, God has taught Tim the value of patience, revealed to him in his personal faith journey. ‘God’s grace has no bounds. He is always here even when he seems absent.’ It is God’s grace and character that Tim seeks to embody through trying to make everyone’s day a little bit better by being a positive force in the environment. ‘Carry yourself with love as if you were someone you were responsible for looking after and in turn you can look after others.’ This ties closely to Tim’s favourite Bible verse, Jeremiah 15:16, which says, ‘When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty.’

Tim describes Excelsia as inspiring, ambitious, and versatile and it is this passion for the College that makes him a perfect ambassador. ‘The sheer amount of diverse age groups, cultures, faculties and people create a fascinating environment where interactions, events and conversations are constantly riveting,’ he explains.

Earlier this year Tim was given a Bible reading plan from a friend which included a passage from Job. ‘This was a book I had been meaning to read for a long time since it dealt with the concepts of suffering and injustice in the world. The timing was too uncanny and coincidental as I was then cast in Excelsia Productions’ 18. The Book of Job. I loved the idea of bringing this piece of biblical literature to a format more easily consumed such as screen or theatre, where characters can be seen living and breathing not just talking in biblical verses. I was satisfied to finally serve God using my craft.’

Outside of work, Tim likes to keep a busy and active lifestyle and boils down his interests to four Fs, ‘Faith, fitness, fashion, and food. When I’m not working, I’m trying to improve or explore these aspects of life. I like to try different restaurants around Sydney or make colourful outfits for going out. Then I try to exercise and pray that the clothes still fit!’ he explains. As for his acting aspirations, Tim says, ‘I mainly want to be in films and commercials or as a voice actor. For now, I’m just excited to see where the wind blows.’

We can’t wait to see Tim in 18. The Book of Job once the film is released next year! If you want to be part of a nurturing community where you can tap into your creative side and build your confidence, why not explore Excelsia College’s School of Creative and Performing Arts?