Excelsia College has received excellent results in the 2021 QILT Student Experience Survey (SES), registering scores higher than the national average for undergraduate student support, interactions between staff and students, and overall positive experience. Collectively across all courses, 84.6 per cent of undergraduate students had a positive overall experience, higher than the national average of 73 per cent. Combined 2020 and 2021 QILT data shows that Excelsia College ranks second for overall positive experience across New South Wales (NSW) undergraduate teacher education courses and second for overall positive experience among NSW social work and counselling postgraduate courses.


Excelsia College places importance on providing pastoral support and holistic care to its students and this is reflective in the College’s leading rankings for student support. Excelsia rated first for student support among NSW creative arts undergraduate courses, first among NSW social work and counselling postgraduate courses, and third for student support among NSW teacher education undergraduate courses. This support goes beyond the classroom – during the COVID-19 pandemic Excelsia College’s practical initiatives included an Emergency Food Bank initiative, which provided emergency food packs to over 400 students, and a student job support initiative, providing temporary employment to 40 students at the College. All these services continue to run, with ongoing chaplaincy support, student employment and food supply available to students in needs. Ongoing counselling support services are also available to students, both online and in person.


For alumnus Vonnie Ho, Excelsia College provided her with a secure environment, even through the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘When COVID-19 first started, most of our classes had to move online, which was very challenging for staff and students. Even though we were unable to meet physically, I could still see how the staff and students were willing to support one another. The students also came up with a food donation drive for their friends who were financially struggling. I remember how a lot of our lecturers checked in with us, knowing that some of the students were struggling, which still warms my heart to this day.’


Excelsia also prioritises the mental health and safety of students by offering online counselling services to students to ensure they are able to access flexible appointment arrangements. The College’s supportive, pastoral environment is further highlighted by Excelsia’s high QILT rankings for its interactions between staff and students. The College ranks first for interactions with staff and students among NSW social work and counselling postgraduate courses, and third among NSW teacher education undergraduate courses.


Excelsia aims to meet the holistic wellbeing of its students and develop innovative future leaders who positively impact the world. If you are considering where to study in 2023, why not explore what Excelsia College has to offer? https://excelsia.edu.au/study/



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