Bachelor of
Screen Production

Course Overview

   Qualification / Award Bachelor of Screen Production
   Length 2 years full-time (6 trimesters)
   Credit Points 144 credit points
   Delivery On Campus at Macquarie Park and at Waterloo
   Available to Domestic (FEE-HELP available)/International
   Course Accreditation CRICOS (0101531)
   Financial Information Course Fees Page
   AQF Level 7
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Third party arrangement between Excelsia College and Sydney Film School

Screen & Film Courses at Excelsia College






Excelsia College is proud to be partnering with one of the world’s top film schools, Sydney Film School, to deliver Australia’s newest film degree the Bachelor of Screen Production. The degree offers a unique model of training inspiring students to create rich and meaningful filmmaking with International Award-Winning Lecturers and Mentors.

The program is delivered by Sydney Film School and Excelsia College at the two campuses, with the program accredited and qualifications provided by Excelsia College.

Students will create original work at SFS’s world leading facilities in Waterloo while enjoying the specialize production design spaces and well equipped classrooms at Excelsia’s Macquarie Park campus.

These state-of-the-art facilities include a world class sound stage, cinema, movement studios, training rooms, production offices, postproduction mastering suite, editing suites, animation pods with industry ready cameras and equipment.

Students undertaking the degree learn on set production skills ranging from and specialising in:

• Cinematography
• Directing
• Editing
• Design (set, props, etc)
• Screenwriting
• Production coordination
• Sound Production

To develop excellence in the art, craft and technology of production, we believe students crucially need critical thinking skills to analyse and evaluate current industry practices and strategically explore new modes of storytelling. Though the degree specialises students for work in the film industry, upon graduation students will have acquired entrepreneurial skills and abilities to transfer knowledge to other platforms e.g. online content, Vlogging etc.

See Sydney Film School Facilities here: Virtual Studio Tour

Green Screen
Bachelor of Screen Production

Across the degree, students participate in four production projects:

• short film
• documentary
• minor screen production
• major screen production

Two of these production projects (short film and major screen production) are managed across two trimesters (a development and pre-production phase, and a production and post-production phase) to ensure in-depth skill development of each phase of screen production. Practical on-set exercises to develop students’ understanding of:

• On-set protocol and logistics
• Film terminology and on-set jargon
• Theoretical studies into the pre-production and production chain of command
• Personnel and processes

Students are organised into working short film crews to practice on set exercises and develop the necessary creative and organisational documentation to launch into filming. In the major screen production students are required to undertake a major role in a screen production of their choosing. Screen productions can include short films, web-series pilots etc. and major roles include directing, production management, cinematography, production design, and post.

Creative Art Bachelor Of Screen Production

The Bachelor of Screen Production is the only degree in NSW to offer a creative hub of specialist students from complementing degrees (Music, Drama & Screen Production) who can write, create, act, perform and produce all elements of film making in-house. Screen Productions students have access and collaborate with a network of future:

• Film composers
• Actors
• Set designers
• Screenwriters
• Creative influencers, entrepreneurs and more…



The Bachelor of Screen Production is 2 years full-time (6 trimesters). It is a third-party arrangement between Excelsia College and Sydney Film School. The course will be taught by Excelsia staff (of whom many are also SFS lecturers) and is subject to Excelsia’s policies and procedures.

The course is taught at both the Sydney Film School Waterloo campus (two days) and Excelsia’s Macquarie Park campus (one day) , which means that students will need to travel between these campuses during the duration of the course. Students won’t normally be required to travel between the two campuses on a given day. Travel time is approx 25mins by car and one hour by public transport.

An Excelsia Course Manager will be available at the Sydney Film School Waterloo campus to provide support to students.


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