Associate Degree
of Music

Awarded as part of the Bachelor of Music

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Course Information

The Associate Degree of Music, nested within the Bachelor of Music, caters for students who wish to develop their technical, artistic and analytical skills without concentrating on high-level performance. The course aims to produce well-rounded musicians who can apply their skills in diverse areas, including community, regional, youth and church ensembles.  The course features private tuition with industry experts for voice and instrument studies and extensive performance and studio experience. Offering multiple performance genres, regular performance opportunities and a strong project emphasis, the Bachelor of Music is an industry-standard degree for aspiring musicians.
Classical: This course provides musicians with the high level training in performance, musicianship, ensemble work, musicality and breadth of musical knowledge required for a life in classical music. Students are exposed to a wide range of music across history as well as one-on-one tuition with exceptional tutors on their instrument.
Contemporary:  This course prepares musicians for a career in the ever-changing world of contemporary music. Artistic, technical, practical and musicianship skills are honed to create a well-rounded musician prepared for the diverse work lives led by industry professionals.
Jazz: This course offers multiple experiences in improvisation, ensemble work, arrangement and performance designed to prepare students for the highly skilled world of jazz musicianship. Students are encouraged to partake in multiple performance opportunities and workshops to help them think on their feet and engage with the jazz ethos.   
At a glance:
  • Face to face (on-campus) delivery
  • Areas of study: Performance, Musicianship and Musicology, Support and Technical Studies, and Personal and Professional Development.

Admission requirements

Application for admission into the Associate Degree of Music involves two steps:

  • Submission of an application: Educational requirements typically involve the successful completion of the NSW Higher School Certificate (or equivalent), or completion of other tertiary studies.
  • Interview and Audition (Includes musicianship skills testing)

Download the full admission requirements here.

Excelsia College invites graduates from C3 College Oxford Falls, to apply to upgrade to a Bachelors Degree with advance standing.*

*Advance standing is granted conditional upon a successful application process.


Applications must be received prior to the audition date.

  • October 2016
  • December 2016
  • January 2017

International Students

Candidates whose qualifying studies were completed in a language other than English will normally be required to demonstrate English proficiency equivalent to the overall minimum score of 7.0 in the IELTS Academic test.

Course Units

Semester One:
Performance 1
Large Ensemble Studies l
Music History l
Harmonic Studies l
Aural perception l
Faith and the Contemporary Artist l

Semester Two:
Performance ll
Large Ensemble Studies ll
Music History ll
Harmonic Studies ll
Aural perception ll
Faith and the Contemporary Artist ll

Semester One:
Performance lll
Large Ensemble Studies lll or
Small Ensemble Studies l
Music History lll
Orchestration and Band Arranging
Aural perception lll
Faith and the Contemporary Artist lll

Semester Two:
Performance lV
Large Ensemble Studies lV or
Small Ensemble Studies ll
Music History lV
Aural perception lV
Faith and the Contemporary Artist lV

MU04 Associate Degree of Music
2 Years full-time/6 Years part-time
$36, 260
No ATAR required
Faculty of Creative Arts



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